Springs of Shiloh Ministries endeavors to enrich and assist those who are followers of Jesus the Messiah and desire to explore and embrace the Hebrew Roots of His Kingdom teachings and lifestyle.

What is a Spring? A natural flow of life-giving, refreshing water that comes from a deep source. A spring is consider “living water”!   In Hebrew, “living water” is mayim chayim.

What is Shiloh? Shiloh was the first site in the Promised Land chosen by YHVH for HIs presence to dwell with Israel in the Land. “Shiloh”,  pronounced shee-lo, means “that is his” and is understood to be saying “until he comes to whom the rod of kingship belongs”.

Mission:  Our mission is to provide the Kingdom of YHVH on the earth with the deep refreshing source of Living Water, found in all Scripture, that prepares the Bride of Messiah for His return. He is the one to whom the rod of sovereign Kingship over this earth belongs!

Vision: Our vision is designed to carry out our mission! It is the “how” behind our “why”.

  • Teaching the Kingdom of God as Jesus did: in the context of Hebrew Scriptures and Lifestyle
  • Communicating this teaching through our web site, blogs, books, CDs and DVDs.
  • Speaking and teaching in churches, groups, and special events.
  • Lifestyle mentoring and coaching to assist those who choose to return to living a Biblical lifestyle. (We believe in the importance of edifying relationships in His Kingdom. No one should walk alone in this world!)
  • Offer resources and products that empower people in the renewing of their minds and lifestyle.
  • Host and lead tours to Israel that focus on history, culture, language, lifestyle, and supporting Israel.

Long Term Vision:  The Springs of Shiloh Refreshment Center    Our desire is to be able to provide, in a Rocky Mountains setting, a place of study and reflection for those seeking to better understand and adapt a Scripture-based Hebrew mindset  and daily lifestyle.  The center would provide resources, instruction, and midrash (discussion centered on God’s Word) in a casual setting that  would give ample space and time for dialogue and positive interaction.

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