The EVERYTHING in His Name

God’s name, YHVH, is the first, foremost, and perfect illustration of a most basic yet extremely important aspect of the Hebrew mindset: function is far more important than form.  In Hebrew understanding, everyday actions of faith are more important than words of faith.  Lifestyle is more important than religious rituals. Character is more important thanContinue reading “The EVERYTHING in His Name”

Should I Embrace the Weekly Readings?

One of the ancient synagogue practices is to lead the local community through the reading of the Torah each year.  This practice continues today. The Five Books of Moses (Genesis – Deuteronomy) are the books of the Torah and are divided into weekly portions. Each week the assigned portion is read aloud during the ShabbatContinue reading “Should I Embrace the Weekly Readings?”

Is it Too Late to Return?

2020 has unquestionably become a year of challenges unlike anything we have known in quite some time.  Back in January so many God-honoring persons were declaring this a year of 20/20 vision, proclaiming that we would be able to see ourselves and the King of the Universe more clearly than ever before.  Boy were theyContinue reading “Is it Too Late to Return?”

The Beauty and Significance of Shavu’ot

As I read last Shabbat’s Parashah (Scripture portions to be read in synagogue/congregation as a community), my focus was captivated by the portion from the Nevi’im (Prophets). The reading was Hosea 1:1- 2:25 (Complete Jewish Bible).  Hosea captures the heart of Shavu’ot so beautifully as ADONAI [YHVH] gives us the very essence of our celebrationContinue reading “The Beauty and Significance of Shavu’ot”

Preparing Our Hearts for Shavu’ot, Part II

Last week we considered the interesting connections between the first Shavu’ot (Pentecost) at Mt. Sinai and the second Shavu’ot found in Acts 2.  Both involved a gift from our King: His spoken Instructions and Principles recorded on stone by His own finger at Mt Sinai (the Torah) and those same Instructions and Principles now writtenContinue reading “Preparing Our Hearts for Shavu’ot, Part II”