Finding the Father’s Heart, Part 2

A Focus on Function In Romans 11:16-24 Paul, the bond servant of the Messiah, makes it very clear that through Yeshua we have been grafted into the Whole House of Israel. We have been made a new creation through Messiah for the Father’s Great Purpose: to establish His Kingdom on earth and ensure that itContinue reading “Finding the Father’s Heart, Part 2”

Our Wedding Vows with Yeshua

In our modern western customs, the wedding vows between man and wife are exchanged on the wedding day. Not so in the ancient Hebrew culture. A Hebrew couple agreed to their marriage vows (ketubah) at their betrothal. Both parties knew exactly what they were stepping into long before the wedding day. Until their wedding day,Continue reading “Our Wedding Vows with Yeshua”

Torah: the Greatest Crimson Thread!

Hebrew Idioms for the Torah I remember the day I first heard a teaching on the Hebrew idioms for the Torah. I was immediately overwhelmed by a flood of revelation concerning my Messiah Yeshua. I already knew many Scriptures, Old and New Testament, that contained these idioms. To suddenly see them as all connected, allContinue reading “Torah: the Greatest Crimson Thread!”

Planning for the 2020 Feasts of ADONAI

For those of us in the West, a new civil year has just begun.  This first month of 2020 is a time of establishing vision, setting goals and making plans.  For those of us who have chosen to cross over to the faith and lifestyle of Messiah Yeshua, we are looking forward to the 3Continue reading “Planning for the 2020 Feasts of ADONAI”

Torah: It is indeed the Bread of Life!

There is a huge controversy taking place in the Christian world today over the role of “the Law” in the life of a follower of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Messiah).   This argument can be debated with Greek and Roman based theological doctrines till one is blue in the face. However, there are several Hebrew keysContinue reading “Torah: It is indeed the Bread of Life!”