Wrapping Up The Passover Week of Unleavened Bread!

Aviv 19    Matzah Day Five    2020: Monday, April 13     Omer Day 4: Blessed are you, Yahweh, King of the Universe, who made us holy with your commandments and commanded us regarding the Counting of the Omer.  Today is 4 days of the Omer. Amen. Read:  Psalm 67    Psalm 119:25-32 Today is a normal but lightContinue reading “Wrapping Up The Passover Week of Unleavened Bread!”

Passover & the Resurrection Celebration Continues!

Aviv 15    1st Day of the Feast of Matzah – The Passover Sabbath     A Day of Complete Rest – A High Shabbat. 2020:  Thursday, April 9 TODAY!!!! Today is the day that Israel left the land of Egypt!  Enjoy festive meals that require only light preparation. Stay in attitude of celebration and rest.  Spend timeContinue reading “Passover & the Resurrection Celebration Continues!”

TODAY! The Crucifixion, Passover, and the Passover Sabbath Day

Aviv 14      Crucifixion Day & Traditional Preparation Day – the traditional observance of Passover starts at 3 PM 2020: Wednesday, April 8 The Fast of the First Born: Many observe this day as a fast day by the first-born sons of each family. This is in response to Exodus 13:1 and 13:11-13 where YHVH commandsContinue reading “TODAY! The Crucifixion, Passover, and the Passover Sabbath Day”

Yeshua’s Last Day of Freedom

Aviv 13    The Messianic Passover Preparation Day 2020:  Tuesday, April 7 Complete your final preparations for the Passover Seder.  Check and double check your menu and list of supplies.  Run those last-minute errands. Start preparing the food for your Passover meal today. The final search for hametz.  Of course, by this time, the house shouldContinue reading “Yeshua’s Last Day of Freedom”

Days of Passover Preparation

Aviv 11 and 12    Days of Final Preparations 2020:  Sunday, April 5 – Monday, April 6 During this time, the heads of the households of Israel brought their chosen lamb into their homes to be cared for, carefully examined, and cleansed in preparation for the sacrifice.  A personal attachment would develop between household members andContinue reading “Days of Passover Preparation”

Today is Shabbat HaGadol!

Aviv 10     Shabbat HaGadol     “The Great Sabbath”, no matter which day it falls on. 2020:  sunset Friday, April 3 – sunset Saturday, April 4 In ancient Israel, today was the day that the head of each household would select a perfect, unblemished lamb for the family’s Passover sacrifice and meal. This is the day thatContinue reading “Today is Shabbat HaGadol!”

Rosh Chodashim — the Head of the Kingdom Year!

Happy New Year!                                                This evening, March 25, 2020, the Biblical New Year arrives with sunset and extends to sunset on March 26. The date on the Hebrew calendar is 1 Aviv 5780.  This month is very pivotal in the lives of God’s children, yet so few who claim to know Messiah have true understanding ofContinue reading “Rosh Chodashim — the Head of the Kingdom Year!”

Keeping the Faith During Trying Times

On this last day of winter 2020, I am sitting here in my home office looking at the snowflakes falling outside. It is March 19 and for many the world around us has turned a bit colder as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis. A good number of our family, friends, and neighbors are uncertain,Continue reading “Keeping the Faith During Trying Times”