TODAY! The Crucifixion, Passover, and the Passover Sabbath Day

Aviv 14      Crucifixion Day & Traditional Preparation Day – the traditional observance of Passover starts at 3 PM

2020: Wednesday, April 8

The Fast of the First Born: Many observe this day as a fast day by the first-born sons of each family. This is in response to Exodus 13:1 and 13:11-13 where YHVH commands the setting apart for Him the first-born sons with the sacrifice of a lamb. This instruction is given within the context of Passover and the Feast of Matzah. The fast is understood to be one of thanksgiving for the sparing of the first-born sons of Israel in Egypt during the night of the very first Passover.

9:00 AM     This is the hour at which Yeshua was nailed on the stake at Golgotha. This would be a good time to read today’s readings.

Today’s Bible Readings:

Exodus 12:1-32, 40-42    Numbers 28:16–25    Joshua 3 – 5:12, 6:27    Deut. 16:1-8    Isaiah 52:13-53:12    Luke 22:1-13  

3:00 PM     The last sacrifice of the Passover lambs was completed in the Temple in Jerusalem. The High Priest would then declare, “It is finished!” This is also the exact moment when our perfect Passover Lamb, Yeshua, proclaimed, “It is finished!” and gave up his spirit and died. 

The 3 o’clock hour of the daily afternoon prayers, called Minchah, still take place every day to this day in synagogues around the world.   Psalm 145 is read aloud, and for Passover the following prayer is recited. You may want to pause for a few moments and observe this custom in remembrance of the hour of Yeshua’s death.

Our God and God of our fathers, may there ascend, come and reach, be seen, accepted, and heard, recalled and remembered before You, the remembrance and recollection of us, the remembrance Jerusalem Your holy city, and the remembrance of all Your people the House of Israel, for deliverance, well-being, grace, kindness, mercy, good life and peace, on this day. Remember us on this Passover, YHVH our God, for good; be mindful of us on this Passover for blessing; help us on this Passover for good life. With the promise of deliverance and compassion, spare us and be gracious to us; have mercy upon us and deliver us; for our eyes are directed to You, for You, YHVH, are a gracious and merciful King. Amen.

Before sunset and the Temple-appointed celebration of the Pesach meals began, Yeshua was placed in the tomb provided by Joseph of Arimathea.

The Night of Passover (Pesach):   What has become the traditional night ofPassover began with the sacrifice of the last of the lambs at 3:00 (twilight) on Aviv 14.  The Passover Seder starts during the 30 minutes preceding sunset.  The holiday candles are lit 18 minutes before sunset.  According to Scripture, the Passover meal is to be observed between sunset and complete darkness. Enjoy this special evening with those whom you call “family”. 

At the very first Passover, the Israelites stayed up the entire night, vigilantly watching over their families as YHVH destroyed to first born of Egypt and ushered in Deliverance for His people.  Many families and congregations honor this “night of vigil” by staying up all night rejoicing, dancing, and reading aloud the Exodus account. 

Aviv 15    1st Day of the Feast of Matzah     Day of Complete Rest!  A High Shabbat.

2020:  Thursday, April 9

Today is the day that Israel left the land of Egypt!  Enjoy festive meals that require only light preparation. Stay in attitude of celebration and rest.  Spend time enjoying family and friends in celebration of our freedom in Messiah.  Today is also a day of holy assembly, so seek out a local Messianic congregation that you can worship with.  If one is not available, be encouraged to gather fellow followers of Yeshua together in your home for a special time of worship.  Spend some significant time with Father Yahweh today!

AT SUNSET:  The Day of First Fruits begins!

Today’s Readings:   Exodus 12:32-13:21    Leviticus 22:31-23:16    II Kings 23:1-9, 21-25     I Corinthians 5:6-8    Matthew 27:55-66  

Published by Pastor Deb

I am so thrilled to be able to share with others what I have been discovering and embracing about the Hebrew roots of my faith walk with Yeshua, my Messiah and King. Having grown up in Montana, I've always sensed a deep connection between God's Word, His creation, and my life as His child. Imagine my delight when I came to understand that this has always been His desire -- for us to see our life in Him as a beautifully crafted whole and full existence. His Sovereignty, His Word, His Land and His People are completely intertwined! With Springs of Shiloh, it is my heart to help others step into the full and abundant life available to all who embrace God's covenants and the joy of His salvation through Messiah. The very name, Springs of Shiloh, means "a natural flow of life-giving water that comes from deep places; belonging to the one whom the rod of kingship belongs". As for my background and credentials, I am an ordained pastor and teacher in the Messianic/Hebrew Restoration vein. I have been a follower of Yeshua since age 11. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education and have been in full-time ministry most of my adult life (including four years in Russia as a missionary back in the 1990's). My Hebrew awakening came while in Israel in 2009 as I struggled with understanding the Kingdom of God and also with my own lost Jewish heritage. My faith in and love for Messiah Yeshua has never been stronger! The freedom I walk in has never been greater! I have an amazing Creator Father in whose hands the universe and my very existence firmly rest! My journey with Him will never end. Amen!

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