Passover & the Resurrection Celebration Continues!

Aviv 15    1st Day of the Feast of Matzah – The Passover Sabbath    

A Day of Complete Rest – A High Shabbat.

2020:  Thursday, April 9 TODAY!!!!

Today is the day that Israel left the land of Egypt!  Enjoy festive meals that require only light preparation. Stay in attitude of celebration and rest.  Spend time enjoying family and friends in celebration of our freedom in Messiah.  Read the Scriptures together and worship in your home. Spend some significant time with Father Yahweh today!

AT SUNSET:  The Day of First Fruits begins!

Today’s Readings:   Exodus 12:34-41 & 13:17-22    II Kings 23:1-30    Matthew 27:62-66  

Aviv 16    Matzah Day Two – The Day of First Fruits   (Yom HaBikkurim)     

2020: Friday, April 10

A very light workload may be resumed today – but stay festive. If you can take the day off from work completely, do so. 

Today’s Bible Readings:

Leviticus 23:9-16     I Corinthians 15:20-23     James 1:17-20

Remember, today is a day of special offering!  Prepare and present to YHVH an offering of the first of your spring harvest…the first harvest of the Biblical New Year!  Dedicate the harvests yet to come this year to Him and ask for His blessings, favor, and protection over your household and your fields (trade/business/ministry).

Yeshua’s Resurrection took place tonight sometime between sunset and tomorrow’s sunrise, the early hours of Aviv 17 – which in that year was the Feast of First Fruits. (Aviv 16 was a regular Shabbat so the Feast of First Fruits could not be celebrated on that day.) It is not a coincidence that His resurrection happened in connection with the Feast of First Fruits as He is “the first fruit of the resurrected”.  His resurrection marked the beginning a great worldwide harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God. He is the promise and the hope of our own resurrections in the future!

Aviv 17   Matzah Day Three:  The True Resurrection Day!

2020: Shabbat, April 11

On this morning the disciples discovered the resurrection of Yeshua!  Gather with friends and family for a joyful celebration – sing, dance, enjoy festive foods and praise our Messiah with wholeheartedness!  Imagine how the disciples must have felt on that day!  If you had been there, how would you have responded?

This year, today is also a regular Shabbat, so it is an extra special day of rest and joyful celebration.

Attend Shabbat services at your local Messianic fellowship and rejoice in the Resurrection together! (Under present circumstances, create a celebration at home and join an online celebration if possible!)

Today’s Bible Readings:    Genesis 3:14-15     John 20     Acts 2:22-36     Psalm 113

Today’s Shabbat Readings:     Exodus 33:12 – 34:35    Ezekiel 36:16 – 37:28

Aviv 18   Matzah Day Four

2020:  Sunday, April 12

This is a normal but light workday. Stay in a festive attitude and enjoy a fun activity with family and friends!

In Israel: no school & many businesses close early.

Today’s Bible Readings:  II Chronicles 30    John 21   Psalm 114

Published by Pastor Deb

I am so thrilled to be able to share with others what I have been discovering and embracing about the Hebrew roots of my faith walk with Yeshua, my Messiah and King. Having grown up in Montana, I've always sensed a deep connection between God's Word, His creation, and my life as His child. Imagine my delight when I came to understand that this has always been His desire -- for us to see our life in Him as a beautifully crafted whole and full existence. His Sovereignty, His Word, His Land and His People are completely intertwined! With Springs of Shiloh, it is my heart to help others step into the full and abundant life available to all who embrace God's covenants and the joy of His salvation through Messiah. The very name, Springs of Shiloh, means "a natural flow of life-giving water that comes from deep places; belonging to the one whom the rod of kingship belongs". As for my background and credentials, I am an ordained pastor and teacher in the Messianic/Hebrew Restoration vein. I have been a follower of Yeshua since age 11. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education and have been in full-time ministry most of my adult life (including four years in Russia as a missionary back in the 1990's). My Hebrew awakening came while in Israel in 2009 as I struggled with understanding the Kingdom of God and also with my own lost Jewish heritage. My faith in and love for Messiah Yeshua has never been stronger! The freedom I walk in has never been greater! I have an amazing Creator Father in whose hands the universe and my very existence firmly rest! My journey with Him will never end. Amen!

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